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The moral to this is that it is not by bleaching of skin that the world will consider you beautiful. PS: D person above me is suffering from both day and nite blindness.. I remember the previous thread, where some girls called are ugly and were hating on her. Unlike these bleached up girls here who filter pictures to even come close to the word 'beautiful'.There are millions of fairer ladies in America but she is considered extremely stunning. Obviously he is suffering from Prosopagnosia (face blindness)! I don't know between Sudanese and Ghanaians who Kiwi polish shld use for their adverts. #black is beautiful Meanwhile, I want to sell a facebook page with 52,000 likes for #20k, if you're interested, kindly Quote me.Yet in the States sick leave is paid at a much lower rate.Years ago, when employees were restricted to camps, flown in and out using Mil-Air, and never saw anything outside of their assigned work location, they weren’t even required to have a passport stamp.Well, I’ll do my very best to explain this considering I have numerous years experience providing support to American contracting companies in the area of employment law, employee contracts, and exactly which law applies.Of course my answers are based only on my professional understanding… When a US Citizen takes on a job as a contractor in Kuwait, though they are required to have residency, they do not have a Kuwait employment contract.the employee would simply book a ticket and fly from KWI instead of relying on Mil-Air transport.And anyone who’s ever had to rely on that mode of transportation knows planning a vacation isn’t possible; as you can easily wait days, even weeks for a flight in or out.

Some of their co-workers had to go through CRC (US military medical, some training, acquire PPE gear, and even flown over on Mil-Air flights), while others were simply put on a commerical flight and flown into KWI.

Allowing them a sense of ‘freedom’ as opposed to be fully restricted to a camp.

This would also make travel in and out of the country for vacations easier…

They only have one provided to them by their American employer.

This is because they’re not actually ‘working in Kuwait’ per se, but instead working on a US government contract providing support to the US military.

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